For instance if you give a zip data, give your viewers a web link where they could download a complimentary zip/unzip process. Absolutely nothing is a lot more discouraging downloading and install something you can’t open. Make certain your gifts are sensible and also supply something of value to your visitors.

Some sites are popular since they include message boards. There are a couple of open source program available that you can make use of on your website.

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Integrating the lighthouse logo in each contact form makes it memorable and easy to identify. The lighthouse is a metaphor for a guidepost that can lead the way through adversity and challenges. That vision of hope is what we have to offer people who suffer from addiction and for their families. One of the strongest attractions on the website is the page of testimonials from clients and staff. The CGI testimonials support the commitment of Anaheim Lighthouse to recovery and share the success stories of people who have gone through treatment . When substance abusers and their families are desperately seeking information about addiction treatment, they want all their questions answered, and they want to know how to find qualified professional help, said Salyer. There is nothing like the words of someone who has graduated from our program and who is living a happy life free from the chains of alcohol and drugs. They, more than anyone else, understand the chaos of addiction . Most of our staff members have been drug and alcohol free for a substantial amount of time. We want visitors to our website to know that we get it.

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