Motivate.eople to bike harder. European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2011 Aug;224:371-4 10. This is your brain on music… Have a money question ? Research has proven that Access to a quality music education: Engages students in the classroom and increases graduation rates Improves early cognitive development, bath and reading skills Enhances learning in other core subjects Develops critical thinking and leadership skills Fosters self-esteem and the ability to work cooperatively in teams When a child plays a musical instrument he or she is developing key brain function that not only enhances musical learning but also academic and social skills. Research suggests the kind of music matters: Classical and meditative sounds seem to be particularly uplifting, whereas heavy metal and techno can actually make depressive symptoms worse. 12. Another study revealed that listening to music while resting in bed after open heart surgery helped relax patients and decrease their stress levels . 18. This is your brain. Huang, T and Charlton, C. Regardless of your taste in music, it’s clear that tunes benefit our health. Reduce stress.

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